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Citizens Shale Advisors supports drilling and production when they are done with the proper respect for the land and a fair royalty is offered. We believe that the industry needs proper, knowledgeable, private oversight to prevent the many aspects of drilling that can go wrong. Each week we learn of another unfortunate incident that could have been prevented and is usually irreversible.

Please review the information below not as our statements but as concerns of hazards and the landowners’ frustration or lack of satisfaction with the industry response to the problems. These resources illustrate what can happen when oil and gas production is based on the standard industry lease/contract. If promises made to prevent these problems are not written properly into the lease then they are meaningless words, and you must accept the consequences of the lease.



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Did You Know?

There are many misunderstandings that can lead to hazardous decisions when signing a mineral rights lease. Did you know...

  • A "mineral lease" is not like other leases
  • You cannot cancel your mineral lease if you are unhappy about it
  • There are mineral leases in Texas that have been held by producers for over 75 years

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We make sure that your mineral lease requires production within a set period with all available safety and emission controls in place at the maximum royalty with no charge backs. We will get you strong incentives to prevent surface damage to your property with no up-front cost to you.

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