Why You Need Citizens Shale Advisors

No landowner should expect to have the knowledge and expertise necessary to understand all of the issues related to gas drilling, much less the negotiating skills for achieving the best outcome in the transaction.

We are a team of industry experts that works for you. Knowledge is the all-important negotiating tool. Our knowledge base allows us to be much more effective than an individual person negotiating with an energy company. Our team possesses the technical and market information needed to understand what is under your land and what it is truly worth.

The economic analysis factors involved are the cost of land, the cost to drill and complete the well, the markets, the initial production rates, the deliverability, the ultimate recovery rates, the rates of decline, the costs of compression (if gas is the product) and processing, and the rates of return and project payout. We know and understand how these factors interrelate and have most of the data and economic numbers at hand. Thus, we can put that to work for your benefit. CSA is a stakeholder just like you in any lease we negotiate, and our financial interests are in line with yours.

Even the most conscientious, skilled, experienced, and specialized oil and gas attorney working alone may not fully understand all of the physical and economic details of this transaction.

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Did You Know?

There are many misunderstandings that can lead to hazardous decisions when signing a mineral rights lease. Did you know...

  • A "mineral lease" is not like other leases
  • You cannot cancel your mineral lease if you are unhappy about it
  • There are mineral leases in Texas that have been held by producers for over 75 years

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