Protecting Texas Ranchers & Farmers

Citizens Shale Advisors will represent you and negotiate the best lease possible for you. We strive to achieve the following priorities and provisions:

  • Contract/lease terms that maximize your financial interests and your control over surface use issues while protecting your surface, water, and air quality
  • Application of best practices for drilling, completion, and production that will minimize the probability of loss of product into your ground water, the air, or your land
  • Contract provisions to give you control over safety and health-related matters.
  • Negotiations to secure the maximum royalty possible on your produced oil and gas
  • Best drill locations, pad and pond, equipment locations, compressor locations and pipeline location and specifications and truck access routing to your site or sites will be governed by the contract/lease as well, so that no unwelcome surprises occur during the buildout.
  • Truck access and routing to your site or sites.

Maximizing Your Value and Protect Your Land

Contract/lease writing and negotiation

Working with licensed attorneys in your state, Citizens Shale Advisors will write and negotiate the lease on your behalf. We present the negotiated contract/lease to you and discuss fully with you the pros and cons of the lease agreement. We provide our comments and suggestions-- however, you make the final decision to lease, or not, or to further negotiate.

Geology Consulting

Geology determines the real value of land. Our expert geologists assess the oil and gas potential of your property to determine the actual market value of your land - before you sign a lease.

Drilling and well completion technology consulting

We will recommend the best methods optimal protection with your interests as our priority.

Safety and pollution issue advice

We will recommend the best approach for minimizing potential issues.

Truck and pipeline access advice

We make sure that you receive a plan that provides the least impact on your land.

Contract enforcement

Citizens Shale Advisors will make sure that contractual terms are clear and remedies are clearly stated so that your rights are protected to the maximum extent possible. CSA will represent you in all other related energy negotiations such as surface damage, siting of drilling pads or other pads, frack tanks, compressors, pits for water or other fluids, or sales or waste disposal pipeline right of ways or similar issues related to your property.

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Did You Know?

There are many misunderstandings that can lead to hazardous decisions when signing a mineral rights lease. Did you know...

  • A "mineral lease" is not like other leases
  • You cannot cancel your mineral lease if you are unhappy about it
  • There are mineral leases in Texas that have been held by producers for over 75 years

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Why You Need Us

Why You Need Citizens Shale Advisors

Unless you have the knowledge base that the energy company has when the landman comes to your door, you will be at a big disadvantage in the negotiations. We work solely for you, and we know where the pitfalls are and how to address them.

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